Monday, December 5, 2011



So long to AU 2011! I had a great time, took some great classes, and had the privilege of leading two myself. It was a good year all in all, though we were a man down this year. AU was not and never will be the same without my friend Scott Womack, who passed away in September. Scott was a passionate advocate of Revit, and was known for his strong opinions and convictions as well as an untiring willingness to help anyone find the right path. He left an indelible mark on the Revit community, and is sorely missed. So, raise a glass to Scott if you had the pleasure of knowing him.

I also have to thank Larry Kleinkemper for dragging my vest around with him for two days after I left it at an after hours event. You da man.

I learned some great tidbits. Beau Turner gave a demo of Clarity, their new Revit Server wrapper that actually makes it usable and manageable. Great job to his team! I also really enjoyed the Innovation Forums this year, and while the "cage match" might  have been a little too cheesy even for me, the other parts were intriguing and exciting. As usual, I am leaving exhausted, inspired, and dried out from the desert air.

AU wasn't without some hiccups though. The AU speaker site this year was, to quote Aaron, a bag of disaster. Uploads of speaking materials didn't work, or once they did users downloading files got 404 errors or file errors. Yuck! Anyway, since nothing up there appears to be accessible still, all my class materials are going to be linked (you guessed it) in this post...

AB5602 - Laser Scanning...

To my attendees, again I apologize for the difference between the class I taught and the description. That description was for a lab, and I was given a lecture that initially had identical content to three other scanning classes. I tried to do the best I could with the cards I was dealt! I totally understand and agree with much of your feedback about the class being basic - I only wish I had been allowed to update the title and description once it was clear what I would actually need to teach.

Here are all the links to the various class materials:

Handout & Scanning Brief
Sample Spec - coming soon -

AB5552U - Revit Futures : Collaboration...

I was thrilled with the outcome from this class. I want to thank Anthony Hauck, Scott Davis, Tobias Hauthorn, and Robert Aish for coming and representing Autodesk. I felt like it really made the class to have them there. The point of the class is to get them thinking about what we (as a community) really want, and some of the great conversation about continuous save in particular was just what I had hoped to have. Thanks to everyone who spoke up and shared their opinion! Naturally, the mind map I had (new software) got corrupted. I'm in process of re-building it and hope to have it up here in a few days. I'll update this post once I do. (The joys of constantly trying new tools...)

So long AU2011, here we come AU2012...


  1. Well I am back reviewing some of the fantastic content acquired at AU2011, hit your blog here and wanted to thank you for the great presentation on laser scanning to BIM.
    I've been working my Faro Focus for about 4 months now and realy getting great results with the point clouds in the autodesk products.

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